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Mission Bhartiyam , in collaboration with many civil society organizations like Yuva Koshish, Ayodhya ki Awaaz, Buniyaad, UYASD, AFDWOSE, Baal Manch, Soch, Awadh Peoples forum,  Basti Vikas Samiti, Save Humanity Foundation, Anjuman farg-e- Momin, ADAM, Aasra, PLEA, Jai Bharat and Darbhanga Film Society had observed “Sadbhavna Diwali” in many parts of the country. People of diverse faiths and belief systems had lighted a diya or a candle and hoped that peace and harmony may prevail. In many parts of the country, they had gathered at sites symbolic of “communal harmony” or at the statue of Mahatma Gandhi or even in a mosque. Sadbhavna Diwali celebrated at the tomb of Amir Khusro in Delhi In the capital, the festival of lights was celebrated as ‘festival of harmony’ at the Shrine of Amir Khursro in Nizamuddin. Amir Khusro was a 13th Century Sufi poet and is believed to be an ardent supporter of hindu-muslim unity. There was a huge participation by the youth. One of them


ORGANIZATIONS OBSERVING NATIONWIDE SADBHAVNA DIWALI   TO SEND THE MESSAGE OF COMMUNAL HARMONY In view of the Diwali celebration, organizations announced to celebrate the Diwali to enlighten the hearts of people for Communal Harmony. In this initiative, named as " Sadbhavna Diwali ",  we are organizing the programs at various places of India through the collaboration of organizations. In the press release of Mission Bhartiyam, it is told that we see the festivals as an occasion of happiness and prosperity and it must be spread equally and frequently among society as a festival of love and harmony . Festivals are there to make our society unite and to extend love and support to each other by joining and gathering. Diwali is the festival of light that literally mean spreading light, thus light of love and harmony must be spread through this celebration as it is the love that actually works in joining each other and making society prosperous and humane. 


Respected Friends, As you know, Mission Bhartiyam has already taken an initiative named Aaghaz-e-Dosti towards strengthening Indo-Pak Friendship. In continualtion, we would like to announce our next program under this initiative.  "Calender for Peace & Love" is planned under which we are inviting paintings for a wall calendar on the theme of Indo Pak Friendship for circulation among the masses of both countries, with the hope that coming year and years will usher in an era of a peaceful and prosperous future together .  This event is being done in collaboration with Imov Humans-Armaan Khan Foundation of Pakistan.  Selected paintings from both sides will be part of calendar.  Paintings can be send till 25th November.  Kindly forward to encourage people to send their paintings and support the Indo Pak Friendship through paint their expressions. It is also requested to send us your support messages for Indo Pak friendship, so that these messages can b

Conclusion of Tree for Harmony and celebration of World Peace Day at India Gate, Delhi

Mission Bhartiyam, A&A, FACT celebrated World Peace Day In a bid to spread the word of peace, harmony and brotherhood and also awareness about environment, Mission Bhartiyam, A&A (Art and Architecture group) and FACT(Federal Alliances of Creative Talents) had organised a gathering of artists, photographers and musicians, today i.e. 21 st  September, in India Gate lawns. The event involved competitions for painting, sketching, photography and waste material utilization techniques. The themes were environment and peace. This event was the second gathering of A&A fans in India and had taken place simultaneously in 15 countries. It has to be organized every year to spread awareness about the twin challenges of environment and peace through art. Prashant Nautiyal, of A&A, remarked that “Art is an effective medium to communicate information to the masses. It is attractive and appeals to anyone.” Rohit Bhardwaj added that “so we used this form to commun

TREE FOR HARMONY 16 SEP (World Ozone Layer Day) - 21 SEP (World Peace Day)

TREE FOR HARMONY  16 SEP (World Ozone Layer Day) - 21 SEP (World Peace Day) -A South Asian Initiative for Peace, Harmony & Environment We aim to initiate friendship, brotherhood and peace in the entire South Asia. And for this, we turn to "our evergreen friends" – trees. What can be more symbolic of these values than a tree? A tree grows freely, digs its roots deeply and also gives life to other trees. It is a symbol of stability, growth and prosperity. A tree also grows freely, without any discrimination. And this is the message that we want to send. Like trees, we should do away with barriers of caste, religion, ethnicity and national boundaries. Like trees, we should grow together. So this event has a national as well as international essence to it. Mission Bhartiyam proposes "Tree for harmony" event to be held in schools across South Asia. In the event, trees labeled as "harmony trees" will be planted by students. Any


HUMAN CHAIN FOR UNITY AND HARMONY at 5:30 PM INDIA GATE Respected friends, We were all sitting in our homes relaxed when a part of India was burning but then the flames also started spreading in other parts of India. We are talking about the tragic situation in Assam which ultimately send heat waves across India by forcing the North eastern people to flee back to their native places. The Assam riots had began as a clash between the natives and the settlers and then a  debate between natives and illegal immigrants from Bangladesh in North East and ultimately, got a communal flavor. There were rumours across the country threatening to attack north eastern people and forcing them to go back to their native places. We, as citizens of this country and as human beings, condemn this. We condemn the shock, the pain, the terror that the North Eastern people have to face. We also condemn these riots and violence in all forms.   We empathise with the people of Nor

Bharat-Nepal Paraspar Samvad Yatra

17 th -18 th August Kushinagar(India) to Lumbini(Nepal) India and Nepal are the two countries in South Asian which truly reflects what being a “South Asian” can mean. With the border that allows people to move freely, it sends out a message of peace, harmony, love and most importantly, trust. This bond, not boundary, also promotes and protects basic human rights and human desire to communicate, interact and travel for the hope of a better life. Mission Bhartiyam would like to celebrate this bond and send a message to SAARC that such a bond of trust can be extended in the entire South Asian region. For this, Mission Bhartiyam has decided to organize a ‘Bharat- Nepal Paraspar Samvad Yatra’ on 17-18 August from Kushinagar (India) to Lumbini (Nepal) to celebrate this bond and also to send a message that this bond of trust can also be extended in the entire SAARC region. We have chosen Kushinagar and Lumbini because they are Buddhist sites of pilgrimage because that is one of the

Bharat-Nepal Paraspar Samvad

Borders are always an issue of conflict. Sometimes, due to the desire of a state to expand its territory, they are important to keep a check and maintain one’s sovereignty and being. Everywhere, we find thick physical lines. But in spite of these forced (forced because the human nature, the human “spirit” does not like such boundaries) boundaries imposed upon us, there boundaries are unable to separate us completely. Still it is true that rivers flow from one to another by crossing boundaries, mountains spread over one to another and so are the emotions of human. In fact, these political boundaries are in a broader view violation of human rights too. It is because, Nature has made no boundaries. ‘We all are born equal and free ‘(stated Universal Declaration of Human Rights) and thus any such restrictions are against human nature. People cross boundaries legally and illegally, sometimes in search of employment, a better education, sometimes in search of a safe haven, in hope of a b

Second Workshop of Artists for Cause organized

New Delhi. 15 July. Artists for Cause (an initiative of Mission Bhartiyam) organized its second workshop of Participatory Theatre at New Delhi. The participants did some activities which would help them in theatre. These included exercises to learn "improvisation", pose activities and some voice exercises. The participants also discussed various social issues to pick a theme for their street play. Among others topics, 11 years of hunger strike of Irom Sharmila, problems of abuse of powers by security forces and land acquisition were also discussed. Next workshop will be organized on 21 and 22 july. After some workshops, participants will be ready to perform their final play on streets of Delhi among public. The concept of this initiative is all about giving an opportunity to youths to be involved to dream, to shape and to act for a social change or towards spreading a message that is beneficial for society through play. Participants who participated includes

''BHARAT NEPAL PARASPAR SAMVAD'' (भारत - नेपाल परस्पर संवाद )

Dear Friends,  We are delighted to express about our initiative towards establishing and maintaining relations across the border and to work for common challenges as well as for world peace. With the commitment towards world peace and non violence , it becomes necessary to maintain relations with our neighbor countries. This relationship can only be maintained in real sense by the people of both the places.  In view of this, Mission Bhartiyam decided to start its initiative ''BHARAT NEPAL PARASPAR SAMVAD'' (भारत - नेपाल परस्पर संवाद ) , a program that will help us to meet and to talk more frequently, to face the common challenges together and to build the relationship better and better. We will also initiate programs on basic issues together and we , together can set an example while giving message of peace to this world.  For this program, we are very thankful to Sh. SAROJ YADAV, who is a student of Human Rights and lives in Kathmandu, Nepal. We all , thro


*Delegation distributed pamphlets on peace, members walked on roads singing peace songs and visited all areas including affected areas to spread message of humanity, peace & harmony K osi Kalan has become witnessed of communal violence some days ago and this incident affected the normal life of the area where three persons lost their lives and several injured. After this violence, market there was reopened after 22 days on this Friday. Today on 24th JUNE, when the passenger train from New Delhi arrived at Kosi Kalan Railway Station, just with the tune of engine's noise, people started listening a noise, that was attractive and very much different. They started looking towards the compartment from which a young and energetic team of youths was deboarding on platform. They all were singing 'Insaan ka insaan se ho bhaichara, yahee paighaam hamaara' . It was a team of young and bright persons named 'Sadbhavna Dal' , sent jointly by Mission Bhartiy
INVITATION TO JOIN SADBHAVNA DAL VISIT ON 24 JUNE 2012 Kosi Kalan is a place that is situated in District Mathura (U.P.) and not far away from New Delhi. Recently this place has become witnessed of communal violence and this incident affected the normal life of the area. Now, when the social harmony is in danger , we feel that as a concerned citizen of this country and as a human being, we have responsibility to do whatever we can as per our capability to spread the message of peace, love and harmony. Mission Bhartiyam is a group of youths that is already involved in many works in the field of communal harmony, peace, environment and human rights. With our objective and commitment towards the communal harmony , we along with other organizations are hereby proposed to visit Kosi Kalan alongwith 10 member (approx) delegation. This delegation will include hindus and muslims, and will be named as 'Sadbhavna Dal' . Delegation will include Hindus & Muslims

E-PAO covers Participatory Theatre

The Press release sent by Mission Bhartiyam about the initiation of Participatory Theatre has been published by E-pao, the prime web portal for Manipuris.  check


PRESS RELEASE: ARTISTS FOR CAUSE ORGANIZED ITS FIRST 'PARTICIPATORY THEATRE WORKSHOP' Date:17 JUNE 2012 Place: New Delhi Artists for Cause , a social initiative by Mission Bhartiyam organized its first workshop on 'Participatory Theatre' here at Moti Nagar, New Delhi. Ten persons participated in the workshop and there they learned to be involved in society to identify the social problems in real means. During the whole interactive and interesting session, facilitated by Saurabh Srivastava, who have experience of more than 20 years in theatre and who worked mostly on grassroot level through theatre, participants became familiar with situations of society , various social evils and the need. It was also felt that only problem identification should not be the motive instead providing suggestions can work better. Devika Mittal, masters student at SAARC university and core member of Mission Bhartiyam, described that it is art that touches every heart. Stree the


Dear Firends,   We believe that in the country like India, where harmony and unity among diversity is the basic feature of society and where non violence, peace and love are the values that we learnt since our childhood, its our responsibility to work for the humanity to give efforts towards social integration and to make our society living and cheerful with the objective of happiness for all, whenever this basic feature of society becomes unbalance.   Now, when the incidents at kosi kalan shocked the people living in this society, we would like to visit kosi kalan with our 10 member delegation as a ' Sadbhavna Dal', just to spread message of humanity and communal harmony. During our day long visit, we will distribute pamphlets (that will give message of peace, non violence and harmony), we will sing songs of love, peace and harmony.    Delegation will include equal numbers of hindu and muslim members  who are working on communal harmony at grass roo

Mission Bhartiyam and Khudai khidmatgar facilitated Students during third Save Girl child summit held at Gandhi Darshan, Rajghat, New Delhi on 29-30 May

Dear Members, We are happy to share with you that few members of mission Bhartiyam participated in recently help convention on save girl child at new delhi. Our members who participated were : U.P.: Basti: Praveen Srivastava, Arun Ji and Vishal With students Venkatraman and Samriddhi Lucknow: Ankit Gupta , Ashutosh Srivastava (from Darsh Sewa Sansthan) M.P. Vidisha: Ashok Lodi, Odhisa: Sibuprasad (from Utkal Youth Lakshmikant Paikerey Smruti Mission Bhartiyam and Khudai Khidmatgar were jointly organized a poster/poem competition in Basti (U.P.) And Essay/paragraph writing in Lucknow (U.P.) On the save girl child subject in the month of May, Where many students participated and some of their creations get selected and were displayed during the summit held at new delhi. Certificates and medals were given jointly by khudai khidmatgar and Mission bhartiyam to these students: Venkatraman Bhatnagar for poster (in person) Samridhi Pandey for poem (in person)

A note on Biomass Energy: Barriers and Pitfalls

  Energy is the key factor on which the economy of the nation is dependent. In a country like India which is a developing country the major dependence of the economy is on industrialization which is in turn dependent on availability of quality power. Indian Power sector has been growing at a good pace but still there has been a significant gap between the demand and supply of electricity. The period post Electricity Act 2003 has witnessed a lot of policy measures from government aimed at providing electricity to all and rationalization of pricing and improvement of efficiency and quality through invoking competition in the sector. Some of the recent highlights of the sector are as follows:     Total Installed Capacity (As on 30.04.2012) :   2,01,637 MW Per Capita Consumption                                  : 783Kwh (Global Average2300 Kwh)   Coal has been the dominant source of supply in India contributing around 65% of the total share in the total inst