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In view of the Diwali celebration, organizations announced to celebrate the Diwali to enlighten the hearts of people for Communal Harmony.

In this initiative, named as "Sadbhavna Diwali",  we are organizing the programs at various places of India through the collaboration of organizations.

In the press release of Mission Bhartiyam, it is told that we see the festivals as an occasion of happiness and prosperity and it must be spread equally and frequently among society as a festival of love and harmony . Festivals are there to make our society unite and to extend love and support to each other by joining and gathering. Diwali is the festival of light that literally mean spreading light, thus light of love and harmony must be spread through this celebration as it is the love that actually works in joining each other and making society prosperous and humane. 

In view of this, Hindu and Muslim communities along with members of other religions will be gathered together to celebrate the Diwali for communal harmony and to give the message of harmony and unity.

In Delhi, the people will be gathered at Shrine of Ameer Khusro (at Hazrat Nizamuddin) at 5:30 PM where together they will lit the candles to celebrate festival of light. We selected this place as Ameer Khusro has contributed a lot towards communal harmony. In present scenario, when on one side we are moving towards development and modernity, we through our experience , believe that remembering and practicing the ways to enhance and enrich the communal harmony has become one of the most required thing. We , as a common representative of human being, in recent times faced the riots and tensions due to imbalance and hate against each other and thus we decide to adopt our festivals to celebrate with its real essence and real meaning that is communal harmony. 

At Varanasi, they will celebrate the festival of light at a Masjid situated in Bhor Kalan Gaon. Masjid committee has permitted for this celebration. In Basti, they will be gathered at Gandhi Statue. At Ayodhya, program will be organized at Saryu Kunj , Durahi kuan, At Aligarh, students will organize it in AMU. 

We hope that we, together will spread message of love and harmony and will spread the light of love, knowledge, unity, non violence, humanity and peace in our society.  All of you are invited to join.

List of places (confirmed) alongwith collaborating organizations and contact persons where program will be done is given here:

Delhi : Shrine of Ameer Khusro (Hazrat Nizamuddin) at 5:30 PM , 13 November
            Mission Bhartiyam, Yuva Koshish, AFDWOSE, Buniyaad, Inqualab Zindabad 
            (9212268097, 9650924485, 9911674624) 

U.P. :
Aligarh       : Soch, Alig Welfare Society (contact: 9411803348)
Lucknow   :Bal Manch, The Other News (contact:8090312063 )
Ayodhya     :Ayodhya Ki Awaz, (9454909664, 9451730269)
Basti          : Basti Vikas Samiti (9958907799)
Gorakhpur : Mission Bhartiyam (9807622401)
Allahabad   : Mission Bhartiyam (9559269999)
Varanasi    : Aasra (contact: 9935956075)

M.P. :
Vidisha  : Mission Bhartiyam (7891172089)
Gwalior  : Mission Bhartiyam (9200016005)
Betul     : Mission Bhartiyam (9560697119)

Odisha :
Raigarh : Utkal Youth Development Society (contact: 9778034110)

Rajasthan :
Dausa   : Mission Bhartiyam (7665617050)

Buxar        : Anjuman farg-e- Momin (contact: 9431684664)
Darbhanga : Darbhanga Film Club (contact: 9818461715) 
Patna        : ADAM (contact: 9973268661)

Pune   : Save Humanity Foundation (contact: 9850842898)

Andhra Pradesh:
Hyderabad  : Jai Bharat (contact: 9000111969) 

Ravi Nitesh, Gufran Khan, Shah Alam, Jugal Kishore Shastri, Bilal Sultan, Rahul Srivastava, Shadab Bashar, Maaz Khan, Meraz, Praveen Srivastava, Sibabprasad, Usha, Shariq Naqvi, Devika Mittal, Saleem Md. Khan, Aftab Fazil, Pankaj Pathak, Aditya Dubey, Sanjeev Mishra, Zaid Kamal, Mahendra Sonwane, Mushtaq, Dinesh Sharma, Arvind Lodi, Mithilesh Pandey, Ashok Lodi, Rupesh Pandey, Aafaq, Himanshu Nigote, Razi Ahmed, Soumya Prakash, Ajay Patel, Ali Hasan, Ajay Pandey, Sunil Tripathi