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Bharat-Nepal Paraspar Samvad Yatra

17th-18th August Kushinagar(India) to Lumbini(Nepal)
India and Nepal are the two countries in South Asian which truly reflects what being a “South Asian” can mean. With the border that allows people to move freely, it sends out a message of peace, harmony, love and most importantly, trust. This bond, not boundary, also promotes and protects basic human rights and human desire to communicate, interact and travel for the hope of a better life.
Mission Bhartiyam would like to celebrate this bond and send a message to SAARC that such a bond of trust can be extended in the entire South Asian region. For this, Mission Bhartiyam has decided to organize a ‘Bharat- Nepal Paraspar Samvad Yatra’ on 17-18 August from Kushinagar (India) to Lumbini (Nepal) to celebrate this bond and also to send a message that this bond of trust can also be extended in the entire SAARC region. We have chosen Kushinagar and Lumbini because they are Buddhist sites of pilgrimage because that is one of the cultural links that we share and because Buddha and his teachings (Buddhism) promote the feelings of love, peace, non-violence and brotherhood. From this journey, we will formally start our SAARC initiative for peace and harmony and in coming years we will organize such peace marches in other SAARC nations too.
This journey will also extend our support and brotherhood with our neighbor and through this journey we are also giving them faith and assurance that we, the people of India, are always here to support them and to fight with them to combat similar challenges.
Program Details:
10:00 AM: A seminar on the role of India/people in Peace & Harmony among SAARC Nations.
01:00 PM: Lunch
03:00 PM: Press Conference & Start of Journey
Arrival at Lumbini: 11 PM on 17 AUGUST
10:00 AM: A seminar on the role of India & Nepal in promoting peace & harmony among SAARC Nations, meetings with individuals, activists and distributing pamphlets to support peace and harmony.
01:00 PM: Lunch
03:00 PM: Press Conference & Samvad Yatra Declaration
Information about the places:
Kushinagar: A district in East Uttar Pradesh, an important Buddha pilgrimage as it was here that Gautam Buddha had achieved his Parinirvana(salvation). Railway Station: Kushinagar. Nearest Big City: Gorakhpur (55 Km.)
Lumbini: A place in Rupandehi district of Nepal, where Siddartha Gautam was born.

We invite you or your organization to be a part of this journey.
Or call Ravi Nitesh(Delhi) 9958907799, Devika Mittal(Delhi) 9582129927, Aditya Dubey(Delhi) 9873146393, Pankaj Pathak(Delhi) 9811095895, Ajay Pandey(Kushinagar) 9718439530, Sunil Pandey(Kushinagar) 9838478090, Praveen(Basti) 9918033083.
Saroj Yadav(Kathmandu) 009779813171734 Rajan Srivastava(Kathmandu) 0977984973241