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Mission Bhartiyam and Khudai khidmatgar facilitated Students during third Save Girl child summit held at Gandhi Darshan, Rajghat, New Delhi on 29-30 May

Dear Members,

We are happy to share with you that few members of mission Bhartiyam participated in recently help convention on save girl child at new delhi.

Our members who participated were :

Basti: Praveen Srivastava, Arun Ji and Vishal
With students Venkatraman and Samriddhi
Lucknow: Ankit Gupta , Ashutosh Srivastava (from Darsh Sewa Sansthan)

Vidisha: Ashok Lodi,

Sibuprasad (from Utkal Youth
Lakshmikant Paikerey

Mission Bhartiyam and Khudai Khidmatgar were jointly organized a poster/poem competition in Basti (U.P.) And Essay/paragraph writing in Lucknow (U.P.) On the save girl child subject in the month of May, Where many students participated and some of their creations get selected and were displayed during the summit held at new delhi.

Certificates and medals were given jointly by khudai khidmatgar and Mission bhartiyam to these students:

Venkatraman Bhatnagar for poster (in person)
Samridhi Pandey for poem (in person)
Priyanshi pal
Ritu Sharma
Shreya Gupta
Maria Afsar
Jyotsna Pandey
Pooja Pal
Richa Mishra

Certificates to:
Seema Jaisawal
Shivangi Singh
Artika srivastava

'Soldier of change' medal given to:
Praveen Srivastava from Basti
Ankit gupta from lucknow
Ashok Lodi from vidisha

Medal for active participation:
Arun ji

Certificates of participation to
Vishal ji
Gandesh lodi
Heamnt srivastava
Amit srivastava

Mission Bhartiyam
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  1. Mr. Ashutosh Srivastav is active member of Bhartiyam Science Society & Prabuddha Bharat Sangh and he participated on behalf of Bhartiyam Science Society and Darsh Seva Sansthan.


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