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Kosi Kalan is a place that is situated in District Mathura (U.P.) and not far away from New Delhi.

Recently this place has become witnessed of communal violence and this incident affected the normal life of the area.

Now, when the social harmony is in danger , we feel that as a concerned citizen of this country and as a human being, we have responsibility to do whatever we can as per our capability to spread the message of peace, love and harmony.

Mission Bhartiyam is a group of youths that is already involved in many works in the field of communal harmony, peace, environment and human rights. With our objective and commitment towards the communal harmony , we along with other organizations are hereby proposed to visit Kosi Kalan alongwith 10 member (approx) delegation.

This delegation will include hindus and muslims, and will be named as 'Sadbhavna Dal'. Delegation will include Hindus & Muslims and will visit there to spread message of peace, love, unity and harmony.

Program Schedule:
Date: 24 JUNE 2012 , SUNDAY

Departure:9:00 AM for kosi kalan

Day long program at Kosi Kalan that will include distribution of pamphlets to spread message of humanity, harmony, unity on the road. Members will sing peace songs on the roads of kosi kalan.

Delegation will also try to meet some local activists there, a small meeting with district magistrate.

Till evening at 8 PM on the same day, Delegation will be returned to New Delhi.

*We invite individual/organization who want to be in Sadbhavna Dal to collaborate with us for a joint representation, as this will make the motive more effective towards the cause of humanity.

#Please also send us messages & songs of peace and unity, so that we can use them during our visit.

Thanks to you all
Contact: 9873146393 (Aditya), 9555999150 (Aarish), 9811095895 (Pankaj)