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*Delegation distributed pamphlets on peace, members walked on roads singing peace songs and visited all areas including affected areas to spread message of humanity, peace & harmony

Kosi Kalan has become witnessed of communal violence some days ago and this incident affected the normal life of the area where three persons lost their lives and several injured. After this violence, market there was reopened after 22 days on this Friday.

Today on 24th JUNE, when the passenger train from New Delhi arrived at Kosi Kalan Railway Station, just with the tune of engine's noise, people started listening a noise, that was attractive and very much different. They started looking towards the compartment from which a young and energetic team of youths was deboarding on platform. They all were singing 'Insaan ka insaan se ho bhaichara, yahee paighaam hamaara'.

It was a team of young and bright persons named 'Sadbhavna Dal', sent jointly by Mission Bhartiyam, NCHRO & Resident Doctors Association, AMU. The group had youths who belong from Hindu & Muslim communities and includes students, professionals and activists.

During their schedule at Kosi Kalan here, Md. Faizan told that ''we have come here with a message that we should stop such fighting and should live with each other with all love and respect for all. Infact, it is the humanity that has been taught by Quran, Ramayan or any other epic.'' . Ansar from NCHRO told we are youth and it is our duty to make all such efforts to bring harmony in society.

It was quite strange and inspiring to see walking and singing these youths in this hot summers. Infact, this walk itself was giving the message of dedication and commitment towards enriching harmony. They also distributed the pamphlets to general public on roads of Kosi Kalan and Aditya from Mission Bhartiyam recites that our country is the symbol of unity and harmony; and many such examples can be told when people of both communities helped each other with pure heart. Dr. Riyazuddin added that these incidents made us ashamed and we still become helpless to think that why such things are happening in this 21st century world?

During their day long program at Kosi Kalan, this Sadbhavna Delegation victims of both the communities who get affected due to this communal violence came to meet with delegation members. Old aged Muslim Babu Sanab Puli, a rickshaw puller got his house burned by mob. He has Incurred loss of all of thngs collected for marriage of two daughters. (pic1). Shamsher ali resident of karimullahvas also got affected by mob burning d home. Over all about 700 homes n shops got burned of both d communities and 3 persons died. Pandit kishen of Gurushganj also got his cars and home totally burned. These victims themselves told the delegation that they are happy to see such people like you who are working for humanity. They also told that they do not have any hate towards other community and many from other communities are coming to help us.

It was also quite strange that just after arrival of Sadbhavna Delegation and its continuous walk on roads under the scorching heat, Kosi Kala recieved heavy shower from the sky. It seemed that Nature itself extended its support towards this youth team who was here for the message of harmony. A local business group M/s Era Infra Engineering Ltd. also welcomed the delegation on road arranged water and tea voluntary. It all made this visit fruitful in terms of meeting and mixing up with people.
About his experience that Saleem Md. Khan received, he told that it is a beautiful day for me, as I feel that after embarrassing people of both the communities and working for them, i learnt the real way of living in society. Another member of delegation Pankaj Pathak presented his words in lines of a song..Aman ke hum Rakhwale hum sab ek hain........

Other members included Dr. Akhlad, Soumya Prakash, Mofizur Rehman, Dheeraj Pandey, Nadir Ayubi, Shagil Khan and Shamim. 'Their faces were smiling and it seemed that heat cannot stop the air of comfort to pass on, it only requires a Tree nearby.' told a local citizen there, 'and we really need such youths for our society' he added with a smile , mixed with hope and watered eyes.

मिशन भारतीयम , एन.सी. एच. आर . ओ . एवं रेसीडेंट डाक्टर्स एसोसिएशन (AMU)
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