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''BHARAT NEPAL PARASPAR SAMVAD'' (भारत - नेपाल परस्पर संवाद )

Dear Friends, 

We are delighted to express about our initiative towards establishing and maintaining relations across the border and to work for common challenges as well as for world peace.

With the commitment towards world peace and non violence , it becomes necessary to maintain relations with our neighbor countries. This relationship can only be maintained in real sense by the people of both the places. 

In view of this, Mission Bhartiyam decided to start its initiative ''BHARAT NEPAL PARASPAR SAMVAD'' (भारत - नेपाल परस्पर संवाद ) , a program that will help us to meet and to talk more frequently, to face the common challenges together and to build the relationship better and better. We will also initiate programs on basic issues together and we , together can set an example while giving message of peace to this world. 

For this program, we are very thankful to Sh. SAROJ YADAV, who is a student of Human Rights and lives in Kathmandu, Nepal. We all , through our series of meetings, decided to start this initiative. 

Sh. Saroj Yadav will be the Convenor of this program in Nepal, while in India, members of Mission Bhartiyam will help in planning and execution of activities alongwith Saroj and his group.    

All of you are welcome to join this initiative. Write us at

Thnaks to you all

Contact: 9958907799, 9873146393