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Date:17 JUNE 2012
Place: New Delhi
Artists for Cause , a social initiative by Mission Bhartiyam organized its first workshop on 'Participatory Theatre' here at Moti Nagar, New Delhi.

Ten persons participated in the workshop and there they learned to be involved in society to identify the social problems in real means.

During the whole interactive and interesting session, facilitated by Saurabh Srivastava, who have experience of more than 20 years in theatre and who worked mostly on grassroot level through theatre, participants became familiar with situations of society , various social evils and the need.

It was also felt that only problem identification should not be the motive instead providing suggestions can work better.

Devika Mittal, masters student at SAARC university and core member of Mission Bhartiyam, described that it is art that touches every heart. Stree theatres are the tools of social reform since long time and we, through participatory theatre , will try to make it more effective where issue on which we will prepare the final play, will also come from side of participant rather than facilitator. In its unique way, we will be able to learn the process of democratization of a concept and will also be able to develop thoughts through debate, discussion etc.

Soumya Prakash who held a degree in Mass Com and presently learning social philosophies through his real participation in social activities found it useful and showed his interests alongwith various inputs.

It was also observed that professionals and students were the persons who became interested in this workshop so that they can contribute to society through theatre.

Vanshree, a masters student in SAARC university raise various issues during workshop that are required to address for a social change.

Megha, an electronics and communications engineer by profession told that she would like to work woth this group as on one hand we have a social responsibility to do for our society,  on another it gives self satisfaction, happiness, positive energy, personality development. Through this, we can spread awareness as well as learn.

In an interesting debate during the workshop,  where every participant has to tell topics on which they would like to make first stree play,  and then his/her topic discussed with all; it was found that various popular issues that were raised and discussed became null and void to be accepted as real problem, instead the real problem discovered.
Ankur Loonia, an engineering student at Jamia Millia University, New Delhi stated that he is keen to work through stree theatre. He told that he would like to make people aware to get associated with Artists for cause as this platform is providing you opportunity to create and to dream, to shape a 'free theatre' concept.

At the end, Pankaj Pathak on behalf of Mission Bhartiyam conveyed his sincere thanks to all who participated. He also told that we would like to train people who want to contribute to society through theatre by this initiative.

Artists for cause actually provides a platform to people who want to get involved in social activities and who want to spread message among society through art (theatre, painting, sketching, music etc) . However artists for cause will try to work among general public through their work at public places.
Others who participated includes Sulabh Srivastava, Shekhar Jain, Ravi Nitesh, and Mithileesh Pandey. Various issues discussed during this introductory workshop includes corruption, eve teasing, women safety, gender equality, communal harmony, poverty, child labor, disaster, environment, racial descrimination of NE people etc.
One topic will be selected in next workshop after a discussion and various aspects of toipcs that will be selected at various parameters. it will be done with participatory exercise with the group.
Next workshop will be organized in first week of July. Those who want to participate can write a mail at: or
Artists for Cause
Mission Bhartiyam
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