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Artists for Cause

An artist expresses himself through his art. We can see colours but an artist feels them, talks with them. He makes sense of his surroundings, his life, his own emotions and the society through colours, exploring their intensity. For him, the problem and the solution lie in colours.


In prehistoric times, art was a form of magic. The artist felt himself as a magician who through his art would make what he wanted to achieve. They would not only recreate but would also try to create new things.

We, at Mission Bhartiyam, would try to build a platform for the art magicians to exercise their magic. They can sketch and act. These artists can add colours not only to the canvas but also to the society.


We plan to build a platform for young artists of the various fields of art (painting/sketching/acting etc) to send out a message for our society through their art. We plan to organize street painting, paintings in lawns and nukkad nataks to spread awareness in society on various social issues.


So if you are an artist, who has a heart for social causes, then you are invited to join us.


Please note:


·         We will organize, on an average, one event per month (it may become frequent as per the wish of the artists, response of the public and availability of funds)

·         We will not be able to provide any remuneration to artists because Mission Bhartiyam is a people's initiative and is not funded by any agency. (However in future, on availability of funds , we may provide some kind of reimbursements)

·         A professional degree is not required but the passion for art and social work is what we are looking for.

·         Artists will receive the credits/recognition in the events in which they will participate.

·         Presently this initiative is not for photographers; however they can send their request too as we will involve them in near future.



Mission Bhartiyam


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Mobile:  09958907799 (Ravi) , 09582129927 (Devika), 09717193648 (Sulabh), 09990505438 (Qamar), 09958349085 (Abhishek)