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Right Wing Activists Attacked SRINAGAR to IMPHAL JAN Karwan Members on 19 October at Delhi University When Karwan members were welcomed by Save Democracy Repeal AFSPA campaign and were marched at campus for public meeting.  This karwan is organized by Save Sharmila Solidarity Campaign and started its journey on 16th Oct from Srinagar by Medha Patkar & Dr. Sandeep Pandey.
The nation is witnessing first time in its history that people from all parts of india have stood together and carrying out a jan karvan to send a message to government of India to listen demands of Irom sharmila.
Irom Sharmila is on hunger strike for almost 11 years, a protest that is longest in history of world. The objective of jan karvan of save sharmila solidarity campaign is to fight for justice and democratic rights of people of india apart from major demand with government of india to have a dialogue with irom sharmila.
The jan karvan is on a mission to travel from kasmir to imphal covering Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Aasam and Manipur while spreading the message of peace and harmony and to connect hearts of people. This mission is setting an example to inspire every state and human being to help and fight for the rightful cause of other state and individual. This karvan received great support and affection from people of Kashmir, Jammu, Ludhiana, Karnal, Panipat and finally reached to Delhi.
It is very unfortunate and sad that Jan Karvan has been attacked yesterday by some frivolous elements in north delhi (at DU campaus) while conducting a peaceful march and meeting. Later on instead of arresting attackers, jan karvan members were detained by Delhi Police.
Mission Bhartiyam which is integral part of SSSC condemns this act of hooligans very strongly. This heinous conduct is not only an attack on jan karvan members but also an attempt to derail the mission of peace, love and justice. Mission Bhartiyam is against severity and misuse of AFSPA and not indian armed forces. Even SSSC has received support from various family members of armed personals too.
Mission Bhartiyam requests to people of india to condemn this attack and support the cause as it is also and insult of 11 year's sacrifice of Irom Sharmila that is meant for people of this country and not for herself.

Pankaj Pathak
Coordinator: 09811095895