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politics in INDIA

Dear all, Recently we heard from newspapers that lot of politicians in India have stayed in DALIT BASTIs in night on International Non Violence Day 02 OCT 2009 in the memory of Mahatma Gandhi.Though the approach is good in view of the social respect and equality for all but is it enough? I think not. Moreover we also heard from newspapers that there were politicians,who went there with mineral waters and their own cook.What it shows? We request to all politicians to be as they are.Dont try to show off the things because when it comes on real ground,their failure will come forward and will become cause of shame to them. The one more thing we want tp share with public is the power and importance of their votes.Do not give your valable vote to such persons who keep their mindset as usual and dont want to be change. Thanks Ravi N President Mission Bhartiyam INDIA

मैंने गाँधी को देखा है .....

मैंने गाँधी को देखा है अंधेरे गलियारों में सिसकिया भरते हुए । जब जब असत्य जहर बन कर फैला है , जब जब अन्याय कहर बन कर टूटा है , जब जब चली हैं गोलियां ,जब देवियों की लगी हैं बोलियाँ मैंने गाँधी को देखा है । जब जब गिरी हैं निर्दोष लाशें ,जब जब हुए हैं दंगे बेतहाशे जब जब हुए अत्याचार असहनीय ,जब अपराधी ही बन बैठे माननीय । मैंने गाँधी को देखा है । अंधेरे गलियारों में सिसकियाँ भरते हुए । अपनी लाठी पीटते हुए । क्या तुमने नही देखा ? c@ written by- Ravi nitesh (रवि नितेश )


hello friends, This is in continuation of our campaigning against smoking. Be unite and promise to yourself to leave the smoking and consumption of tobacco in any form forever. Today is world no tobacco day and is the good time for your turn,though time is always good to adopt a good habit and leave the bad one. It will certainly give you a good health and above it satisfaction tbecome a responsible citizen. You may feel that your parents my proud to you and your family and friends too alongwith your dearone-you. Say NO to tobacco. we are also campaign to control and prevent the manufacturing of cigrattes in india and to participate in it you have to be a non smoker.It is for a smoke free INDIA. issued in public interest by joint efforts of----------- MISSION BHARTIYAM & BRING HOPES ORGANISATIN mail us at: visit us at:


Youth Politics for India We are happy to see our young politicians in the parliament and hope that they will certainly bring a change.But in this happiness and cheerfull environment we forget that most of the young politicians have their declared wealth approx one crore on average.They came here from reknowned political families or from business industries and families.Till date we cant get our leader from common public.We are not blaming upon the capability of our young politicians,they will certainly do good but if a common youth get elected in our democracy,we certainly,can say it a true democracy.Can we hope for the election of a youth M.P. who belong from a medium family,who is intellectual,who is social and love his country,who covered the school distance with cycle and who has experience of que to get rashan from the rashan shop,who travelled in general class of train and after facing these hard situations,he became real politician to represent the real India.?? We dream,hope an


unemployment is a big problem in india and unemployment of educated youths makes it more complicated.In fact this is very sad that there is no proper solution or strategy for this on national level.And now it crosses the lomit because there is no any issue towards his matter seriously taken by any of the politiocal party in their manifesto.This is the moral fall of political parties and thus we are not with those who hthink for their vote bank only. We have to bring a change and we urge you to do a lot on your level to raise education and employment through your own efforts.Help all those who need it and it is shameful to us,the youths that sometimes we find a sweeper and a mechanic or a rickshawvala who is graduate,post graduate or even more and other hand we see some foolish and corrupt persons whose hands plays with the steering of country development. We have to become a traffic police for those non sense drivers to avoid accidents for the welfare of public.We think on it and we wi

ग्राम क्षेत्र का अर्थशास्त्र

मिशन भारतीयम स्वास्थय सम्बन्धी जरूरतों को ध्यान में रखते हुए विविध प्रकारकी गतिविधियाँ संचालित कर रहा है .साथ ही ग्रामीण महिलाओं हेतु भी उद्योगों के सञ्चालन पर अपने विचार प्रस्तुत कर रहा है ........... Many small industries are but a true marकेting assistance, qualified personals and passion to involve in these are absent because of risk of profit and awareness. We may bring a change through awareness activity for a mass involvement of women in rural areas to produce and sell the commodities on share and/or salary basis. We are determined to assist the rural community groups of women who spend their time at home to involve them on rural based projects to give them benefit in terms of confidence, economy and it will really help as a catalyst for other less developed areas. Main problem is initiative, risk taking factor and lack of awareness. To some extent, rural customs also responsible and lack of skilled and trained persons are there. To make collaborations with reputed marketing age

कृपया वोट दीजिये

AN EXAMPLE: Total Population......................1000 persons Voting %................................40 to 50 % (only 400 to 500 people votes) No. of candidates....................average 5 persons Winner get the vote.................average 200 (only 20 %) It shows that the winner has not get the vote of 80% of total population.Then how can we say him the real leader of area while he doesnt lead 80%people. We urge you to use your vote this time for INDIA because it is you who can change the scenario. The uneligible candidate elected only because of eligible persons(40 to 50%) who dont vote. Most of the educated,urban people and youths dont vote while they should be aware about that. your one vote can change the face of Nation, your one vote can save the future..................................... Please for india....---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- issued in public interest ------------------------

vote for india

dear friends, On this occasion of 15th general election to be held in the next two month, as a common citizen of india, i would like to share a feeling with you (all patriotic citizens) irrespective of their's caste, sex, place of birh and their economic and social status i would say PLEASE VOTE FOR THE NATION against ALL MISPRACTCES, which we are facing today and might come bebore our generation next if we fail to cure the same,,, ''please vote not only to elect a represantative but to show ours strength '' from sandeep kumar mishra alias s.s.ram ll.m scholor head-jamia millia chapter of M ission Bhartiyam (


As we know that the child labour is very popular in not only less educated areas but in urban areas and metros too.We have to develop a sense of humanity towards them and to help the government for proper follow up of strict rules and regulations.Apart from the role of government, we have to make some steps from ourselves like bycotting the shops who employed child labours.We can contact at toll free number 1098 to save a child. Mission Bhartiyam aims towards social awareness to prevent child labours.We are the youths who make a request to all to please check out and chil labour around your locality and send the message to local police,childline or mission bhartiyam. Its your responsibility to save the future of india. - by: Ravi nitesh,President,Mission Bhartiyam,INDIA