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Youth Politics for India

We are happy to see our young politicians in the parliament and hope that they will certainly bring a change.But in this happiness and cheerfull environment we forget that most of the young politicians have their declared wealth approx one crore on average.They came here from reknowned political families or from business industries and families.Till date we cant get our leader from common public.We are not blaming upon the capability of our young politicians,they will certainly do good but if a common youth get elected in our democracy,we certainly,can say it a true democracy.Can we hope for the election of a youth M.P. who belong from a medium family,who is intellectual,who is social and love his country,who covered the school distance with cycle and who has experience of que to get rashan from the rashan shop,who travelled in general class of train and after facing these hard situations,he became real politician to represent the real India.??
We dream,hope and pray of its happening.

Ravi nitesh


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