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Practical Tips to Reduce Waste

According to the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) the total quantity of Solid waste generated in the country is ~160,000 metric tones per day (TPD). ~153,000 TPD of waste is collected at a collection efficiency of ~96%. 80,000 TPD (50 %) of waste is treated and ~30,000 (18.4%) TPD is landfilled. ~50,000 TPD (31.2 %) of the total waste generated remains un-accounted.

Per-capita Solid Waste Generation has increased marginally from 118.7 gm/day in 2015-16 to 119.1 gm/day in 2020-21. Maximum quantity of per capita solid waste is generated in Delhi. Processing of solid waste has improved significantly from 19% in 2015-16 to ~50% in 2020-21. In the corresponding period, proportion of solid waste landfilled has fallen from 54% to 18.4%.

According to a World Bank Report, globally 2.01 billion tones of municipal solid waste is generated annually, of which at least ~33% is not managed in an environmentally safe manner. Global per capita waste generation is 740 gm/day (average) but varies from 110 gm/day to 4.54 kg/day across countries. High Income countries contribute 34% to global waste generation despite having only 16% of the population.


Here are some tips from which we can reduce waste and save our environment: