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On the appeal of Mission Bhartiyam and Aaghaz-e-Dosti, NHRC took cognizance over death of Sanaullah and forwarded complaint to SHRC, J&K


With the details sent vide the following mail sent by NHRC on request of Ravi Nitesh, Mission Bhartiyam and Aaghaz-e-Dosti regarding the complaint on the case of attack on a Pakistani prisoner in Indian Jail situated in Jammu, J&K.

On the appeal by Ravi Nitesh from Mission Bhartiyam and Aaghaz-e-Dosti, National Human Rights Commission takes cognizance over death of Pakistani prisoner Sanauallah in Kot Bhalwal jail in J&K and forward the complaint to State Human Rights Commission, J&K vide its order dated 23.05.2013. 

After this attack by fellow inmates and followed by struggle for life in hospital, Sanaullah lost his life.  

NHRC, while received the case filed by Ravi Nitesh of Mission Bhartiyam (vide also by Suhas Chakma, Director, Asian Centre of Human Rights (vide, took the serious concern over attack and security in prisons and asked SHRC to investigate the matter further.    

Ravi Nitesh, in his appeal told that a day before Sarabjit Singh, an Indian prisoner died as a result of attack by Pakistani prisoners in Kot lakhpat jail, Lahore, Pakistan.  After the incident, government was well aware about the jingoism among India and therefore put high security at many places in India. After the Sarabjit case, government must be aware that Pakistani prisoners in Indian jails are not safe and could be used by fellow Indian prisoners to take revenge. 

In this view, government through its ministry should have exercised adequate security arrangements for Pakistani prisoners in Indian jails. But after the attack here, it became clear that government had failed to do so. 

In view of the prisoner’s rights and in view of the advance probability of such things, government could not arrange adequate security provisions for prisoners. This incident not only exposed the loopholes in prison conditions, but also extend probe on officials of prison who were on duty.

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Case No.  188/9/5/2013
Ravi Nitesh
 The Commission upon consideration of your complaint dated  03.05.2013 in respect of   SANAULLAH RANJAY, A PAKISTANI PRISONERS has passed the following order on 23.05.2013:
The case No. 178/9/5/2013-ad also registered in the Commission and the case No. 188/9/5/2013 has now been registered on the complaint of   RAVI NITESH.
let the complaint Case No. 188/9/5/2013 sent to the SHRC,J&K.
 The complainant also be informed accordingly.
This is for your information
 Yours faithfully,


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