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On the eve of World Earth Day observed worldwide Mission Bhartiyam, an initiative of youths,  gathered on the eve of Earth Day at Dilli haat (near Sarojini Nagar) in Delhi. 

With slogans of "Save Earth", "Save Water" the volunteers distributed bilingual pamphlets (English & Hindi) that listed some simple and easy steps that one can adopt in their daily lives. They had also put up a banner inviting messages and suggestions for saving the environment from the people. 

The importance of observing this day is established by the organisers of the event. In its statement, Mission Bhartiyam, remarked, "In view of the Earth Day (22 April) and the present scenario of degradation of environment and increasing dangers of its ill effects viz natural calamities, climate change, diseases etc that living being on this earth are facing, it becomes necessary to work towards sustainable development, to save the Earth and its environment through various small and big steps that we can take together or individually. Though the Government and organisations are taking measures to save the environment but we as individuals must do our bid and this is the message that we want to give today."

"This appeal to save the environment is often treated as a "light" issue and even monotonous and this is ironical, as it concerns not just a section of people but all of us. It endangers our existence and of our future generations. It is the time to act.", 

Their suggestions includes to use of organic things, recycling of products. Some suggestions include coming out for playing games, walk and community meet in open space to save electricity consumption and protecting the environment in turn. 

Among the visitor, a ten year old student told that we must have a safe earth with safety of people, animals and environment. Another youth told that it is actually environment that connects all of us regardless of our identity on the basis of religion, region, ideology etc and in fact it is a global challenge. We have to think for the earth and only then our coming generations can live here peacefully. Better environment not only affects better health but to better working, happiness and peaceful mind. 

There was a great response from the people, especially of children and the youths. They wrote their suggestions on the banner with full dedication.