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Youths to celebrate Sadbhavna Holi across the nation

Youths to celebrate Sadbhavna Holi across the nation

Mission Bhartiyam, along with some other organisations like Awam ka Cinema, Buniyaad – Ek Behtar Kal ki, Ayodhya ki Awaaz, UYASD and SAMAR, will be celebrating Sadbhavna Holi. Sadbhavna Holi is an annual initiative like the Sadbhavna Diwali and Eid celebrated as festivals of harmony across the nation.

Ravi Nitesh, founder of Mission Bhartiyam stated that, “Every year we organize festivals of Holi, Diwali and Eid as people’s festivals regardless of religion as we believe that the original purpose of these festivals is to celebrate social bonds and to rejuvenate it through gatherings, greetings and sharing smiles together.”

Sadbhavna Holi will be celebrated between 27th March – 31st March across the nation. Several organisations and individuals have also expressed their support and have promised to conduct it in their region.

Shadab Bashar of Buniyaad – Ek Behtar Kal Ki remarked, “We want to celebrate Holi in it’s true sense. Holi celebrates colours or diversity. We also want to celebrate that”.

Ayodhya has been facing communal tensions. However, like the success of Sadbhavna Diwali, the organisers also hope for a successful Sadbhavna Holi. Shah Alam of Ayodhya ki Awaaz remarked, “Holi is a festival of brotherhood. By celebrating Sadbhavna Holi, we hope to extend this brotherhood across religious communities.”

Sadbhavna Holi is another people’s initiative to live the true spirit of festivals in India. We, hereby, also appeal to the general public that they must also join us as we will celebrate Holi with colours of peace and harmony. To do this, one has to include members of diverse religious communities in their celebration of Holi and spread the word of communal harmony.

Ravi Nitesh/Devika Mittal
Mission Bhartiyam

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