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International Women's Day

On International Women's Day, Mission Bhartiyam appeals for justice for women in the conflict zones. Ravi Nitesh and Devika Mittal have also written on this day. Check them out:

Neglecting Crime: Women in Conflict Zones 

by Ravi Nitesh

The official statement of UN on International Women’s Day includes the name of the Delhi gang raped victim. USA has also considered her for the posthumous bravery award. The Government of India has announced a special fund in the budget. They all seem so sensitive and dedicated towards the safety of women. We must congratulate them. We must congratulate them but what about the innumerable women who are abused by the state forces and army in the conflict zones? what about the abused women in J&K, Manipur, Chattisgarh and other conflict zones? Are they not important? Are their sufferings any less? 

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Kashmir Times 

Counter Currents

‘Celebrating’ Women’s Day
by Devika Mittal

It disturbs me that most of us, belonging to this privileged section, will dare to exchange greetings when our sister is dishonoured by the state forces. It disturbs me that we will celebrate women’s day, avail offers, write articles about its importance because we are the “privileged” ones among the women community. It disturbs me that there will be special programmes on television, on radio where they will ask us, “what women’s day means to us”. To them, I would say, “it means nothing to me and it should mean nothing to anyone in this country where the state, the army and the judiciary allow the dishonor of women”.

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