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Bharat-Nepal Paraspar Samvad Yatra

17 th -18 th August Kushinagar(India) to Lumbini(Nepal) India and Nepal are the two countries in South Asian which truly reflects what being a “South Asian” can mean. With the border that allows people to move freely, it sends out a message of peace, harmony, love and most importantly, trust. This bond, not boundary, also promotes and protects basic human rights and human desire to communicate, interact and travel for the hope of a better life. Mission Bhartiyam would like to celebrate this bond and send a message to SAARC that such a bond of trust can be extended in the entire South Asian region. For this, Mission Bhartiyam has decided to organize a ‘Bharat- Nepal Paraspar Samvad Yatra’ on 17-18 August from Kushinagar (India) to Lumbini (Nepal) to celebrate this bond and also to send a message that this bond of trust can also be extended in the entire SAARC region. We have chosen Kushinagar and Lumbini because they are Buddhist sites of pilgrimage because that is one of the

Bharat-Nepal Paraspar Samvad

Borders are always an issue of conflict. Sometimes, due to the desire of a state to expand its territory, they are important to keep a check and maintain one’s sovereignty and being. Everywhere, we find thick physical lines. But in spite of these forced (forced because the human nature, the human “spirit” does not like such boundaries) boundaries imposed upon us, there boundaries are unable to separate us completely. Still it is true that rivers flow from one to another by crossing boundaries, mountains spread over one to another and so are the emotions of human. In fact, these political boundaries are in a broader view violation of human rights too. It is because, Nature has made no boundaries. ‘We all are born equal and free ‘(stated Universal Declaration of Human Rights) and thus any such restrictions are against human nature. People cross boundaries legally and illegally, sometimes in search of employment, a better education, sometimes in search of a safe haven, in hope of a b

Second Workshop of Artists for Cause organized

New Delhi. 15 July. Artists for Cause (an initiative of Mission Bhartiyam) organized its second workshop of Participatory Theatre at New Delhi. The participants did some activities which would help them in theatre. These included exercises to learn "improvisation", pose activities and some voice exercises. The participants also discussed various social issues to pick a theme for their street play. Among others topics, 11 years of hunger strike of Irom Sharmila, problems of abuse of powers by security forces and land acquisition were also discussed. Next workshop will be organized on 21 and 22 july. After some workshops, participants will be ready to perform their final play on streets of Delhi among public. The concept of this initiative is all about giving an opportunity to youths to be involved to dream, to shape and to act for a social change or towards spreading a message that is beneficial for society through play. Participants who participated includes