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Dear Friends,

We would like to share the bi monthly magazine The Movement of India (English) & Sachi-Muchi (Hindi) , an english magazine of NAPM (National Alliance of People's Movement) that bring issues of people;s concern and thus provide an opportunity to know about the social movements and know how of your fellow citizens.

It is felt that many times, we, the people, could not make us involved in various social issues, some times we become divert with the real cause of a movement, sometimes we do not get the factual information because many of such movements happened against the handful (but powerful) people including capitalists, criminals and corrupt persons.

At a time, when there are several forces, working towards social disintegartion and suppressing the voice of poor and deprived ; we all should stand together to spread the words about all such movements, campaigns and voices , that raise people's voices and concern.

Sample online issue available at:



You can subscribe this magazine to know about all these movements. details are:

The Movement of India

Rs 150 subscription charges for one year (add Rs 55 for postage)

Sachchi Muchchi

(Rs 100) subscription charges for one year (add Rs 50 for postage).

If you can mobilize more people to subscribe on your end, it will be really great. Do send us


2) CLEARLY MENTION for which Publication - The Movement of India (Rs 150 + 55 = Rs 205), Sachchi Muchchi (Rs 100 + 50 = 150) or both ( Rs 355) they want to subscribe to.

3) please send us cheque (for either Sachchi Muchchi or The Movement of India) in favour of THE MOVEMENT OF INDIA, and mail it to: RAHUL DWIVEDI, CNS, C-2211, C-block Crossing, Indira Nagar, Lucknow - 226016.

You can contact us at:

Published on Blog by Mission Bhartiyam in public interest:
through Sh. Bobby Ramakant (CNS, ASHA PARIVAR)
Dr Sandeep Pandey, and The Movement of India team at NAPM