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30 JAN 2012, LUCKNOW

On death anniversary of father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi hundreds of tributes were offered by youths through writing their messages on a white banner. The event was organized jointly by Mission Bhartiyam & Khudai Khidmatgar at Hazratganj, Lucknow.
Convenor of the program Rohit Singh told that more than 300 persons wrote their messages during this 3 hour event. Through this event we wanted to give our tribute to Mahatma Gandhi as well as spreading his thoughts among people.
Another member Udita Chandra told that these organizations are already working in various parts of country towards Peace and Harmony and here we, the youths, want to give our message to society that we, the young generation favor peace, non violence and harmony and we believe that Gandhi Ji and his thoughts are necessary for any society.
Shishir Srivastava told that youths here are very much serious while they are writing these messages and it shows their concern towards their determination for humanity and its values.
During the event, many members from public expressed their concern towards the moral values of society. They told that Mahatma Gandhi is their hero and they all believe in these values. Non violence, harmony and truth are the key of real development and it will be required during all phases of development. These values are crown of persons and the base of happiness among society. At the time when inequality is becoming more, lessons of Gandhi for equality becomes more important for a fair world. Gandhi Ji lived his life for humanity in general and always worked for humanity without differentiating any one on the basis of caste, religion, region or any other status. On this day we all should take oath to adopt his teachings in our life. Mission Bhartiyam, a youth group is working for peace and harmony, human rights and democracy and Environment at various places of India through its volunteers network, where as Khudai Khidmatgar is another initiave of revival of khudai khidmatgar movement (led by Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan/Frontier Gandhi), working for harmony.
Other members like Ankit Gupta, Ekta, Ajay Chauhan, Soma Awasthi, Usha Singh, Somendra verma were also present.

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