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PRESS RELEASE: LETTERS TO PM, President INC, Leaders of opposition (Lok sabha, Rajya Sabha)


As you already know that Save Sharmila Campaign, a joint initiative of civil societies (NAPM, Asha Parivar, Mahila Chetna Kendra, Mission Bhartiyam, Yuva Koshish, Khudai Khidmatgar, Jagriti Mahila Samiti, Sadbhavna Mission, Asian Centre of Social Studies and others) is extending its support to non violent struggle of Irom Sharmila Chanu, a lady of Manipur who is on hunger strike since the Year 2000.
We already had various activities such as Meetings, Candle Light Solidarity Prayer on 25 June at Rajghat and then volunteer meet with Irom Sharmila at Manipur.

Now, as per our scheduled plan, we have submitted the letters to Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, President of Indian Natioanl Congress Smt. Sonia Gandhi and Leaders of opposition (Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha). We have submitted the letters to these people with the hope that they will acknowledge the sacrifice and non violent struggle of Ms Irom Sharmila Chanu. We have clearly stated our demands to initiate steps of positive talks, as we feel that this non violent struggle has been ignored by the side of government. We believe that when government can talk with other protestors (violent and non violent both), at the same time it is ignoring the struggle and demand of Irom Sharmila. North east states are already facing various other problems such as foriegn interference and lack of development. Government already imposed AFSPA there , which has been called draconian and lawless law by various national/international human rights agencies. In spite of these things, it is continuously ignoring the non violent voice of Irom Sharmila. We have demanded the government to initiate talk, to send all party delegation, to send members of NWC & NHRC and to send special team of doctors.

We believe that these steps, will be helpful not only in confidence building, but also will be helpful to bring out a peaceful and justified solution of the problem with mutual agreement.

apart from these, we have already planned for various other activites in coming months such as :
  • Cycle rally in New delhi to spread awareness about Irom,
  • Sri nagar to Imphal Yatra (via Jammu, Ludhiana, New Delhi, Kanpur, Allahabad, Raipur, Ranchi, Patna, Kolkata, Guwahati) to spread awareness and to generate public support for Irom to be heard 
  • National Signature campaign (from 02nd OCT to 10th DEC) followed by a Peace March
We are very thankful to our volunteers, organisations and to many media houses/persons who are extending their support to this campaign, which is in favor of Peace, Justice and Human Rights. 
Recieving copies of Letters submitted
News Links of previous activities
Contact: 09958907799, 09968828230
(A joint initiative of civil societies)
We welcome your participation/suggestion/feedbacks. We work in favor of Peace, Democracy, Non Violence, Human Rights.
Our demand with Govt of India: 
To take positive steps of talk
To send all party delegation 
To send members of NWC,NHRC
To send special team of doctors from New delhi to examine Irom's health


  1. Dear Mission Bhartiyam,
    As Sharmila's only chosen spokesman I request you formally to stop posting the lie that Sharmila is experiencing any physical ill health. This is purely a death threat organized by Babloo Longtoibam. My name is Desmond Coutinho he knows who I am. The threat via death by complications over force feeding have found the support of the chief medical officer JNIMS Dr T Joy Singh in his statement to the Hindustan of June. He is clearly prepared to murder Sharmila should Babloo follow through on this threat. The other threat sponsored by Babloo is that of honor killing sent via her brother Singhajit. I have yet to hear of one so called Indian Human Rights group or activist who will protect Sharmila from these threats and the gangsters who sponsor them. In terms of your letter perhaps if you showed some familiarity with what Dr Singh is already doing. Together with the Union Home Minister Sri P Chidambaram and the Union Law Minister Sri Moilly he has been pushing for cabinet to come to an agreement at least on humanizing AF(SP)A however the opposition led by A K Antony the defence minister and the Union Home Secretary both side with the Army. At the beginning of this year they tried to push the problem back to each state arguing that they could lift AF(SP)A simply by not seeking to renew disturbed area status. The CM of J&K Mr Omar is the only one to try to do that and the Army have come heavily on the side against him. Perhaps if you try to familiarize yourself with the facts ie the death threats against Sharmila and the positive steps being proposed in cabinet you might be taken more seriously. I do not know why Babloo Longtoibam demands that all my reports on behalf of Sharmila be blocked let us see how independent you are. The truth is a weed. I don't need your support. She has never had it.


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