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Dear Friends,

As per the scheduled program, a candle light solidarity prayer being organised at Rajghat on 25 June 6 PM to support Irom Sharmila Chanu under the Save Sharmila Campaign.

Save Sharmila Campaign is a joint initiative of "National Alliance of People's Movement (NAPM), Asha Parivar, Gandhi Global Family, Jagriti Mahila Samiti, Khudai Khidmatgar, Yuva Koshish and Mission Bhartiyam".

We convey our sincere thanks to all of you for your participation and great support.

People from all walks of life, from all age groups, from various states, from various civil societies and institutions (JNU, JMI, DU, Hamdard, AIIMS and IIT) came there to support the campaign. We also have received responses of Singhjeet (Irom's brother) through sms and call, and support of Taslima Nasreen, Pritish Nandy, Calamur, Nilim Dutta and Sudhir Tailang through their message on twitter.

You all made the event full of "unity in diversity" and encouraged us to move ahead with more energy and with more enthusiasm. It was more than our expectations and we feel that we have more hands now in this campaign. We also apologies, if you had any inconvenience and assure you to take care of it with your valuable feedbacks.

We convey our special thanks to Media Persons, who, without any formal invitation, were there to support us for a good cause. We also convey our thanks to administration who supported us by giving permissions and were present there during whole event.

Accounts Details of Save Sharmila Campaign:
Volunteers of Save Sharmila Campaign collected a fund Rs. 800/- through public contribution there, which will be used in future activities of campaign.

A report regarding Investment and Receipts on this activity is given:
Travelling                                               : Rs. 1500.00
Telephone                                              :  Rs. 500.00
Banner,Pamhlets,Posters, Candles       :  Rs. 1500.00
Others                                                   :  Rs. 200.00
Total Rs. 3700/-
*Above investment fund contributed by conveners of campaign.

Receipts & Payments:
Collection from Public on 25 June Rajghat: Rs. 800/-
Expanse: Rs. 100/-

Balance Rs. 700/-

We feel that a women, whose fast has crossed 10 years, is still ignored by government. We support the courage and patience of Irom, who is fighting on the Gandhian way of non violence, and set an example for others.We feel that every heart should have a pain on the issue of Irom Sharmila and everyone should support her to be heard on the basis of humanity.

With the Save Sharmila Campaign, candle light solidarity prayer, we all demanded from the government to take "initiative of talk" to save Irom's life.

Future Activity:

Letters to PM, Chairperson of UPA, Leader of Opposition within this week.

Planned activities, the most recent, which is going to be in coming month.

·        A meeting in Delhi before (date will be announced later) to evaluate the progress and to plan for future activities.

·        A meeting in Doda, J&K on 24th July to announce National Committee of Signature Campaign to generate awareness and to get support for Irom Sharmila from all over the India. (Signature campaign 02 Oct to 10 Dec)

Information about other future activities will be circulated later.

We hope that our campaign will turn the situation. People will become aware about Irom's non violence struggle and government will start talk with Irom. We will continue our campaign with support from all of you.

Those who want to be associated with us in this campaign as a volunteer and/or to share responsibilities are most welcome. They can write to us or call us any time and we will invite them in our meeting scheduled in next month.

Thanks again

"Save Sharmila Campaign"
Contact: 9958907799,09968828230