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Mission Bhartiyam launched a slogan competition on Environment under its

Environmental awareness campaign- PROJECT HARITIMA. Any student (till

graduation) can send his/her slogan alongwith following details:

Name of Student
Name of school/college with full address of school/college
Declaration that the slogan is his/her own creation and has not been sent anywhere else

* 10 Best slogans will be suitably acknowledged and rewarded. More than 10 may also be rewarded.
* Entries will be accepted only in English & Hindi.
* decision will be finalized by our judges and will be final.
* Best slogans will be published at Project-Haritima Page of fACEbook & at This Blog too and will be used by Mission Bhartiyam Only in its environmental awareness campaign-Project haritima.
* All slogans will be property of mission bhartiyam. Mission Bhartiyam may acknowledge slogan writers at the time of publishing of their slogan anywhere but it will not be a compulsion.
*Competition will be open till 30 MAY 2011.

send your slogans at:
for any other query mail us at: