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Terrorism with us

Today we are afraid of terrorism so much but i think we, the common man/citizen are also responsible for this terrorism.We are also supporting the terrorism indirectly if we are doing any small unlawful activity or corruption.It doesn't matter whether this activity is related to our general life but it may support terrorists as a loophole and may harm ourself and our country.Therefore to guide and to aware the common man is also important throgh various programmes and with strict rules.

-Ravi N Srivastav
Mission Bhartiyam initiative by youths


  1. Dear Ravi,
    Pl check your punch line n correct it by replacing ends with sets.
    You are spread over the net. It is very good work. Keep it up!
    Also do one thing. Demote using caste names.

  2. good going.keep it up.......................
    Dr. Yashwant singh


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