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3rd Tree for Harmony Campaign organised in Seven Countries

In the move to join Environment and Peace together as very important issue in present days, Mission Bhartiyam alongwith other organizations organized 3 rd  Tree for Harmony campaign in  seven countries, namely India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri lanka, Sudan and Cameroon.     Tree for Harmony campaign is an initiative of Mission Bhartiyam, started since the year 2012, wherein the organization invites collaborations from other organizations to observe a week long campaign (from World Ozone Layer Protection day 16 Sep to World Peace day 21 Sep) every year, with the theme of Environment and Peace. During the week, all organizations plant a tree and to symbolize it with the objective of harmony. In their first and second year, Mission Bhartiyam collaborated and organized it in Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh and received a great response from other organizations of other countries. Now, in the third year organizations of other countries also collaborated and together they