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Tree for Harmony 2014: 16 Sept - 21 Sept

TREE FOR HARMONY - 2014 Tree for Harmony(TFH), an initative of India-based Mission Bhartiyam, aims to address the twin goals of Environment and Peace. Celebrated between  16th September  (World Ozone Day) and  21st September  (World Peace Day), TFH seeks to make people aware and sensitive about the need for a sustainable environment and a peaceful society. Under Tree for Harmony, we plant a symbolic tree labelled as "Harmony Tree" and try to disseminate the concept and message for a healthy environment and society through different ways. TFH is observed by creating a network. Mission Bhartiyam observes TFH by collaborating with different organisations around the world.  This is our third year of Tree for Harmony.  In our two earlier TFH weeks during last years, we had observed it in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal with the help of organizations there.   ​This year, we are happy that Tree for Harmony will be observed in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal