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CBCID Inquiry ordered in sexual assault case in Haryana jail raised by Mission Bhartiyam

PRESS RELEASE CBCID INQUIRY ORDERED ON SEXUAL ASSAULT CASE IN HARYANA JAIL RAISED BY MISSION BHARTIYAM In a matter of sexual assault case wherein two women prisoners alleged that Deputy Superintendent of Nimika Jail, Haryana had sexual assaulted them and an appeal was filed by Ravi Nitesh, President of Mission Bhartiyam with National Human Rights Commission in May 2013, continuous inquiries were done by NHRC and various reports were asked from Haryana jail officials in this regard. Now, in the recent development in the case, the commission on 5 June 2014 has again directed to Principal Secretary, Government of Haryana to conduct a CBCID inquiry in this regard and submit a report within eight weeks. Interestingly, the local administration report in response to first notice of NHRC for submission of report was being made with conclusion that no sexual assault took place, however the commission itself rejected to accept the conclusion as it as and told that statement o