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3rd Tree for Harmony Campaign organised in Seven Countries

In the move to join Environment and Peace together as very important issue in present days, Mission Bhartiyam alongwith other organizations organized 3 rd  Tree for Harmony campaign in  seven countries, namely India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri lanka, Sudan and Cameroon.     Tree for Harmony campaign is an initiative of Mission Bhartiyam, started since the year 2012, wherein the organization invites collaborations from other organizations to observe a week long campaign (from World Ozone Layer Protection day 16 Sep to World Peace day 21 Sep) every year, with the theme of Environment and Peace. During the week, all organizations plant a tree and to symbolize it with the objective of harmony. In their first and second year, Mission Bhartiyam collaborated and organized it in Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh and received a great response from other organizations of other countries. Now, in the third year organizations of other countries also collaborated and together they

Tree for Harmony 2014: 16 Sept - 21 Sept

TREE FOR HARMONY - 2014 Tree for Harmony(TFH), an initative of India-based Mission Bhartiyam, aims to address the twin goals of Environment and Peace. Celebrated between  16th September  (World Ozone Day) and  21st September  (World Peace Day), TFH seeks to make people aware and sensitive about the need for a sustainable environment and a peaceful society. Under Tree for Harmony, we plant a symbolic tree labelled as "Harmony Tree" and try to disseminate the concept and message for a healthy environment and society through different ways. TFH is observed by creating a network. Mission Bhartiyam observes TFH by collaborating with different organisations around the world.  This is our third year of Tree for Harmony.  In our two earlier TFH weeks during last years, we had observed it in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal with the help of organizations there.   ​This year, we are happy that Tree for Harmony will be observed in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal

Tree for Harmony 2014 - Invitation to all Peace Makers, Organisations

Mission Bhartiyam will be observing ‘Tree For Harmony: 2014’ during 16-21 September. This will be our third year of Tree for Harmony. Earlier it has been observed in the year 2013 and 2012. ​ TFH is an initiative by Mission Bhartiyam,where we, along with other organizations observe a week for Environment and Peace.This week starts with 16 th  Sep (Int. Ozone Layer Protection Day) and ends with 21 st  Sep (Int. Day for Peace). In our two earlier TFH weeks during last years, we had observed it in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal with the help of organizations there. Many schools and people participated; they showed their concern for Environment and Peace.  Paintings, tree plantations, discussions etc were being done. Other major collaborators in previous years were The Catalyst-Pakistan, The Tree Bangladesh, YFN-Nepal, CMS Lucknow, Paryavaran Jagriti Abhiyan New Delhi, UYASD Orrisa, Al nahian School Bangladesh, Gyan Mandir Public School New Delhi, Sai memorial

Mission Bhartiyam writes to Ministry of Women and Child Development to improve NCW

A s a response to the Minister of Women and Child Development, Ms. Maneka Gandhi's proposal to reform National Commission for Women (NCW) to bring it at "par with NHRC", c ore member of Mission Bhartiyam, Devika Mittal, wrote to the Minister for Women and Child Development regarding the pathetic grievance redressal system of NCW. To, The Minister for Women and Child Development Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi 110001 Kind Attention: Ms. Maneka Gandhi Subject: Concerns regarding the pathetic grievance redressal system of NCW Respected Madam, This is with reference to the Times of India report dated 17 th  July 2014 about your proposals to make National Commission for Women (NCW) more effective and at par with NHRC. In this regard, I would like to draw your attention to certain facts about the current system that may help in this necessary initiative to be taken by you. NCW is seen as an apex body for justice for women. It is a hope for depri

On Mission Bhartiyam's intervention, NHRC seeks report on Alang gas leak from Shipping Ministry and Gujarat Govt.

On our intervention, NHRC took the case and issued notice to Shipping Ministry and Gujrat Govt in Alang port incident case where 5 persons were killed. News published in The Hindu and many other newspapers and newsportals. 

CBCID Inquiry ordered in sexual assault case in Haryana jail raised by Mission Bhartiyam

PRESS RELEASE CBCID INQUIRY ORDERED ON SEXUAL ASSAULT CASE IN HARYANA JAIL RAISED BY MISSION BHARTIYAM In a matter of sexual assault case wherein two women prisoners alleged that Deputy Superintendent of Nimika Jail, Haryana had sexual assaulted them and an appeal was filed by Ravi Nitesh, President of Mission Bhartiyam with National Human Rights Commission in May 2013, continuous inquiries were done by NHRC and various reports were asked from Haryana jail officials in this regard. Now, in the recent development in the case, the commission on 5 June 2014 has again directed to Principal Secretary, Government of Haryana to conduct a CBCID inquiry in this regard and submit a report within eight weeks. Interestingly, the local administration report in response to first notice of NHRC for submission of report was being made with conclusion that no sexual assault took place, however the commission itself rejected to accept the conclusion as it as and told that statement o

Aaghaz-e-Dosti organised seventh Aman Chaupal in a Delhi School

PRESS RELEASE SEVENTH AMAN CHAUPAL ORGANISED IN DELHI SCHOOL On 24 th  April, Aaghaz-e-Dosti, an Indo-Pak initiative of India-based Mission Bhartiyam and Pakistan-based The Catalyst – TC, organized its seventh Aman Chaupal in Delhi University Social Centre Co-ed School. Aman Chaupal are informal and interactions held in schools and colleges in which students ask questions about Pakistan (in case of Aman Chaupal in Pakistan, they talk about India), Indo-Pak issues and discuss the importance of Indo-Pak peace. Through Aman Chaupal, they see the side of Pakistan that our media never shows. The earlier Aman Chaupals have been done in some schools and universities in Delhi. The guests of Aman Chaupal have included journalists, activists, theatre persons from Pakistan. Aman Chaupal has been conducted with Peace activist Saeeda Diep, Senior Journalist and author Raza Rumi, Journalist Kiran Nazish and theatre personality Aamir Nawaz. In this seventh Aman Chaupal, there was no guest f

Aaghaz-e-Dosti organised fifth and sixth Aman Chaupal with theatre personality from Pakistan, Mr. Aamir Nawaz

Aaghaz-e-Dosti, an initiative for Indo-Pak friendship, organized its Fifth & Sixth Aman Chaupal on 24 February 2014 at Jawaharlal Nehru University and South Asian University, New Delhi. Aman Chaupal is an informal session wherein people from Pakistan or who have been to Pakistan share their experiences and address students’ curiosities and questions. The two sessions were the fifth and the sixth Aman Chaupal sessions. In the earlier sessions, we have had Ms. Saeeda Diep, Mr. Raza Rumi and Ms. Kiran Nazish as our guests and the sessions were conducted in schools. In this Aman Chaupal,  Mr. Aamir Nawaz  was the guest. He is the president of a leading Pakistani Theatre group, Maas Foundation. Maas Foundation had emerged as a parellal theatre in Pakistan in 2002. The plays are based on social and contemporary issues among which indo-Pak is one of the most prominent themes. Mr. Nawaz also has several other achievements. Recently, he has produced and directed a TV drama series by the