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Message on World Refugee Day

They had been living on that piece of land for years when one day, a group of privileged people told them that they do not belong there because they are not "pure" enough or because in the hazy past, people who share the same ethnic/religious/social identity as theirs had discriminated. They are faced with two options, either to succumb to torture or to try to escape it by leaving. Some of them opt the latter, not for themselves but for their kids. The journey is risky and full of hurdles. Many perish in the process. Those who succeed then face a new set of problems. They not only have to start from a scratch but face legal and social issues... it is our plea to you, accept and empathise with them. They are victims, not encroachers. 20th June i.e. today is World Refugee Day. 

Mission Bhartiyam needs a photographer for the core team

We are looking for a volunteer who is well-versed in photography and video shoot. Since the core team is in Delhi, we are mainly looking for people from Delhi. Those interested should mail at  

Mission Bhartiyam starts a monthly newsletter

We are proud to launch the first newsletter. The monthly newsletter of Mission Bhartiyam will be an information portal on the organization’s efforts towards our social responsibilities. So we will have a section on our engagements over the past month. There will be a section on members’ articles. Some of our members use writing as a tool for activism. We will pick on two of those relevant articles. Through our “Take Your Action” section, we will call invite our readers/subscribers to join us in our endeavour. We hope that this newsletter will help us in our mission i.e. a just and acceptable society. To receive our newsletter, subscribe to us through the subscription box or drop us a mail at  Regards, Team Mission Bhartiyam

Launch of Activism India

We are proud to inform you that Mission Bhartiyam has launched a website that will be a repertoire of information on contemporary movements in India. It is dedicated to the civil society in India (which we should be proud of) and is called Activism India. Activism India will be a one-stop portal that will provide the basic, background information, will track the developments in the movements and will also present perspectives (articles) on major movements in India. Visit us at  http://www.activismindia. com/ We invite press releases and articles. Regards, Team Mission Bhartiyam

World Environment Day