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Mission Bhartiyam celebrated Environment Day

MB (5 JUNE 2010) M ission Bhartiyam is continuiously doing well in its environment campaign. The campaign has been already started in Basti District of Uttar Pradesh on 5 JUNE, the world environment day in association with Basti Vikas Samiti and Pratahm Lok Kalyan Samiti. On the day of start Dainik Jagran, the hindi daily has supported us in this noble work and thus we are very thankful to its Basti Unit. We distributed over 300 plants to spread awareness about environment among general public and we have planned to distribute one palnt in every house of city. It will be approximately 25,000 nos. of plants,we targeted. We have also organised a seminar on the issue and we have developed a stategy for the campaign which include various activities on the subject of Environment. These activities will be plant distribution, awareness about environment protection, school activities and promotion of eco friendly arts and business. We are dedicated for social welfare through sustainable a